David Leon Todman

A routine journey that DALE, 54, makes with his wife LISA, 43, turns his life upside down, when they are involved in a terrible accident. The paramedics rush Dale and his wife to the hospital. As the hospital staff and paramedics try in vane to save his wife’s life, they are confronted by the possibility that she might be pregnant. After waking up the next day, still recovering from the terrible accident, Dale continues on with his everyday activities as a WOODMAKER. His skill and ability that he have, allows him to construct anything out of wood, in which he makes a comfortable living doing so. After finishing his latest project, Dale travels into town to deliver his goods to his old friend MARTHA, 45, who owns an antique shop on the other side of town. Martha is surprised when Dale enters her store, for she has not seen Dale since the accident occurred.

Martha and her store help RON, 24, speaks with Dale, wondering what has kept him away so long. Martha carries on a conversation with Dale showing her concern about his feelings and where his mind might be during such a difficult time. Dale shrugs off her concerns, saying that he’s fine and he and his wife have found a way to deal with their problems. During this trip Dale reveals to Martha his latest project which consists of freshly made wooden human baby dolls, with life like detail. Martha realize that this is the best work Dale have accomplished and is taken back by the hard work that Dale have put into there creation. Dale tells Martha that he has kept one of the dolls for his self and takes payment for the others, before returning home where he is greeted by his dog Jake.

Upon entering the house Dale notices his wife sleeping on the couch and covers her body with a blanket before continuing on with his work for the night. While finishing his work Dale is hit with a sudden flashback that takes him back to the scene of the accident. Dale recovers from the flashback and makes his way to the bedroom. He walks over to a baby crib that sits in the middle of the room and places his new baby amongst a few toys. He walks over to the bed and lies in bed with his wife. We scan around Dale’s workstation, where an old newspaper article reveals that his wife had passed on from her injuries in the accident.

Copyright 2006 David Leon Todman
All Rights Reserved