Jeremy Montgomery

Alex is a young boy with sad and dark past. On a day like any other, he is on a walk with his grandmother through a forest when he suddenly finds himself alone and despite his desperate calls, his grandmother is nowhere to be found. All falls silent and a distant whisper suddenly becomes audible, attracting him to a small tent where a puppet show, entitled “The Oiad Show,” is being performed. There are two puppets inhabiting the stage, Thomas and Magda. Oddly enough, the puppets seem to acknowledge his presence.

As the show begins we are transported back to a horrific event in Alex’s past. Asleep in bed, his father Edward stands above him speaking of Oiad and we snap forward to a gruesome murder: the death of his parents. It is here where two stories are set into motion: Alex as a teenager searches for Oiad, (a name which has haunted him since that faithful night) in the hopes that he will end Oiad’s life. His search brings him to an odd character by the name of Te’oma, who seems to know a great deal about this Oiad character. Te’oma eventually takes Alex to where Oiad supposedly resides and it is here where the pieces of his past begin to fall into place.

Juxtaposed against Alex’s story, the puppets Thomas and Magda wait for Oiad. When he does not show up, Thomas decides to go searching for him and along the way he meets John, a boy puppet who innocently entertains him self by playing with a ball. After a series of questions the lights suddenly go out. A swoosh noise and return to light reveals a beheaded Jake. Thomas believes it was Oiad who killed him, with the reason that Oiad did not like this boy. Meanwhile, a similar incident occurs with Magda. A small dog that she sees is suddenly struck dead by this unseen force of Oiad. However, Magda’s response is a sudden fear of who Thomas is supposedly searching for.

The two stories come to a parallel climax and upon the final scene; we discover the truth behind the death of Jake’s parents and the truth of Oiad’s identity.

Copyright 2006 Jeremy Montgomery
All Rights Reserved