Marcellus Thurman

It is a cool, fall evening and a traveling carnival is in town. Three young friends, Amy, Lisa and Tina are having fun riding the rickety rides and eating cotton candy. After playing some midway games they decide to go into the Fortune Tellers tent tucked way back in an isolated part of the park. An older carnival worker urges the girls to pay her a visit. He says she has a message for them that they may want to hear. Tina doesn’t believe in such nonsense, but Amy insists. Once inside they are surprised at how young and beautiful the woman sitting in the tent is. After a few minutes inside, the girls get a very cryptic warning from the Fortune Teller who can only tell them repeatedly to “wait for the right time”. An approaching storm forces the women to leave the tent before the meaning of the message is explained. The drive home in a raging storm adds to the girls fear and sense of impending tragedy. Suddenly one of the women realizes what the Fortune Tellers message was and whom it was meant for. But can the message be deciphered in time to save all their lives from a tragic ending?

Copyright 2006 Marcellus Thurman
All Rights Reserved