Jason N. Zimmatore

Disguised as a doctor, Tabloid reporter, Jonathan Huntley barges into the hospital room of elderly silent screen star, Carol Wendover. He convinces Carol’s son and former agent that Carol needs privacy and ushers them into the hallway. Alone with Carol, Jonathan whips out his camera and snaps photos of her writhing in agony. Despite her pitiful protests, Jonathan forces Carol to the floor and places a bedpan beside her and gleefully snaps more photos.

Days later, Jonathan reviews the photo layout with Editor in Chief of “International Report”, scruffy Englishman, Sandy Trollop. Sandy loves Jonathan’s celebrities on their deathbed series and asks him to cover a movie premiere.
At the premiere, Jonathan shouts insults at arriving celebrities and captures their outraged expressions on film. He hurls insults at aging TV tough guy, Vincent Hawk, and his date, causing Vincent to smash Jonathan’s camera. Jonathan vows to “see him in court”.

Months later, Jonathan trots up the steps of the International Report building when he runs into tabloid colleagues, Seth and Daren. Jonathan gloats about his lawsuit against Vincent Hawk where he hopes to get millions. He adds that Vincent is dying of Leukemia so he plans to add Vincent to his celeb deathbed series. Seth and Daren are in awe.

Nestled in the bushes outside Vincent Hawk’s estate, Seth and Daren lay in wait with cameras ready, hoping to get a glimpse of Vincent. But Jonathan shows up dressed as a deliveryman and barges into Vincent’s home. Jonathan wastes no time snapping photos of a sickly Vincent Hawke in his wheelchair. But Vincent pulls a gun on Jonathan and forces him to don kinky women’s underwear. Seth and Daren watch the scene unfold and snap photos through a window. Jonathan rages at his tabloid colleagues. But they continue to take pictures. Finally Vincent announces that Jonathan must pay for his cruelty. He forces Jonathan to pick up a gun; both men raise their weapons, Bang….

Later, Sandy Trollop reviews the photo layout of Jonathan/Vincent Hawk incident. The Headline reads, “Deranged Reporter Jonathan Huntley breaks into home of TV Star, kills himself”. Sandy thanks a healthy looking Vincent for dropping all charges against the magazine. Vincent reveals that he never had Leukemia, just a bad cold.

Copyright 2006 Jason N. Zimmatore
All Rights Reserved