Stanley Ray

Ten year old Marshall reluctantly brings home a peculiar carved bird from the estate sale of a wealthy but unloved man. Marshall eventually discovers that looking into the bird's eyes reveals old photographs of things it has witnessed over many years. The events it records tend to be the worst that humanity has to offer; things that occur in private, in moments of passion and rage, avarice and guilt. Marshall fears its ugly secret and tries to hide it away, especially from his friend Mickey, who seems to bring out the most terrible images it contains because he can't get enough of them.

When Marshall catches his older sister, Becky, looking into its eyes, he is horrified, even though she is initially delighted by what she sees. But when she looks again, something is revealed that evokes instant revulsion.

Marshall again hides the bird away. His Mother then finds it in Becky's room, and returns it to Marshall with a stern warning. After she leaves, Mickey quickly gazes inside, and discovers the bird has been secretly watching Marshall's family. Marshall has to strike Mickey before he can relay aloud what the bird witnessed in Becky's room between her and her ... Father.

Copyright 2006 Stanley Ray
All Rights Reserved