Douglas Stark

74-year-old widower Ned Stokes is new to the Golden Years Senior Care facility. He doesn't know that lunch ends at two -- sharp -- or that his neighbors don't like noise, or that you never, ever go to the ward. No one has ever come back from the ward. Stokes dismisses the widespread rumor that the place is haunted by ghosts. Even as the residents die off one by one, Stokes won't buy into any talk of spirits stealing souls. He points out the obvious: dying is what happens to the old and sick. And who else lives in this place but the old and sick? Fear creeps into Stokes, however, when his teenage grand-daughter -- the one person he cherishes most in this world -- makes a reckless, life-altering decision. Realizing he's the only one who can save his grand-daughter, Stokes tries to reach her, but suffers a crippling injury that subsequently lands him in the ward. Ultimately, Stokes is forced to not only confront his mortality, but a very real ghost from his past.

Copyright 2006 Douglas Stark
All Rights Reserved