Ralph Pritchard

This is a romantic comedy about a middle-aged couple who have been married for many years and although they love each other deeply, the romance has faded to the point where an evening’s entertainment involves channel surfing, at least for Ralph. Jan in desperation makes one last plea for her now overweight and out of shape husband to pay more attention to her and change his couch potato ways.

Although he appears not to get the message right away, eventually Ralph realizes that in order to save his marriage he is going to have to make some major changes and thus joins the gym and enrolls them both in ballroom dance classes. Although grueling, the next 10 weeks sees a real transformation in both the look and grace of Ralph and it appears that all is well until, in one brave act of chivalry, an accident puts him in a coma fighting for his life.

Jan laments the fact that she ever pushed him into this situation and at the moment when things look the worst and she may discontinue life support, he recovers and the two are reunited once again on the couch in front of the TV; and Jan couldn’t be happier.

Copyright 2006 Ralph Pritchard
All Rights Reserved