Bob Heske

After a humiliating visit to a doctor’s scale, BOB decides to go on a diet … or get life insurance!

Bob chooses option A.

Knowing he lacks the discipline to lose weight on his own, Bob joins POUND PALS conveniently located next door to his favorite liquor store. But when Bob unwittingly insults the heavy TEAM LEADER because she’s wearing a muumuu, he gets pulverized by an oversensitive gang of chubby-weights and lands in the hospital.

There Bob meets HARRY (about to have gastric bypass surgery) at a midnight rendezvous at a vending machine. When a skinny janitor tips them off to a Gentlemen’s Fat Club guaranteed to shed pounds, Bob and Harry check themselves out of the hospital and show up at a seedy warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, an intimidating MR. LAVA and his henchman FAT MAN deliver a scary ultimatum: Lose the weight in fat or in body parts. Bob has sleepless nights worrying about his next Fat Club meeting. But Bob and Harry find a way to beat the system when, on yet another late night binge, they meet at an all-night convenience store and tussle over Ring Dings in the cupcakes aisle. Sure enough, they shed pounds in the scuffle. But beyond the weight loss, they realize they also have a score to settle for fat people everywhere. At their next Fat Club meeting, Bob and Harry shock the debasing Mr. Lava and teach him a lesson in humility.

Copyright 2006 Bob Heske
All Rights Reserved