Lee Morton

After the tragic death of his wife in an accident, GEORGE GRANT, according to his sister-in law DAPHNE, seems to be coping too well. With a hefty insurance payout and their large house up for sale, George is heading abroad. Then comes the reading of ROSEMARY GRANTíS Will. An overbearing bully in life, she has one final insult for her husband in death. She has left the house to her dog, Pompom. George has to stay where he is with her annoying, pampered poodle. Till the end of itís life. Then the visions start. George keeps seeing his dead wife. Is it stress, fear, or even guilt thatís causing them? Was there more to his wifeís accident than the police think? George burns everything in the house that reminds him of his wife. But the visions continue. Then it dawns on him. Itís the dog causing them. But how can he get rid of him - the home owner? What follows is a bizarre, comic battle of wits between man and beast.

Copyright 2006 Lee Morton
All Rights Reserved