Alexandra Torterotot

By the Hand is the story of a young boy, Elijah who has lost his father six months ago and has to see his mother, Laura, mourn on a daily basis. They are in the process of moving, which brings back memories of their life as a family. As a result, Laura is even more distant and cold towards Elijah. One day, Elijah bumps into an old homeless woman, Malaika on his way to school. She makes little wire figurines and she offers one to him. This breaks the ice and little by little, they become friends. Then, Elijah decides to skip school to spend the day with her. As the day progresses, Malaika and Elijah end up confiding in each other. The school notifies Laura of Elijah’s absence. She frantically searches for Elijah, but fails to find him. This makes her realize that she can lose him too and even though she yells at him when he comes home, the event soon reconciles them. The day of the move, Elijah goes to say goodbye to Malaika, but only finds a small figurine on the bench she has left for him.

Copyright 2006 Alexandra Torterotot
All Rights Reserved