Stuart Creque

Smooch, a large and menacing man, has frail old Mr. Hickey bound to a chair, his mouth taped. The chair is in a peepshow booth, and as Smooch drops a token in the slot, the screen rises on a Bon Voyage party consisting of a large cake and a stripper named Katrina. Katrina’s long auburn hair, piercing green eyes and voluptuous curves keep Mr. Hickey mesmerized as she strips for him one last time.

Turns out, she and Mr. Hickey had a thing going on – that is, until Mr. Hickey’s bad habit of skimming from the Mob came to light, and Smooch was sent to take care of him. Smooch granted Mr. Hickey’s last request of one more session with Katrina – who’s now Smooch’s girl – and now Mr. Hickey is down to his last few tokens. Katrina convinces Smooch to loosen Mr. Hickey’s hands just enough so he can enjoy his last moments with her.

The last token goes in – time runs out – and Smooch pulls out a mean-looking blade. As Mr. Hickey’s enjoyment peaks, Smooch runs the blade… across the ropes binding Mr. Hickey and rips the tape off Mr. Hickey’s mouth. Smooch’s cell phone rings: it’s the U.S. Marshalls, ready to pick up their star witness from protective custody. Detective Smuzciak turns Mr. Hickey over and then settles into the chair. He’s got his best girl and a pocket full of tokens….

Copyright 2006 Stuart Creque
All Rights Reserved