Lawrence Whiteside

Hendle Frick keeps to himself, designing mechanical dolls and other oddities as companions for the lonely people of his town. One day Hendle receives a visit from a man, J. Fluff McNiner, who offer's Hendle his greatest assignment. Design a life-sized twelve-year-old girl, as a sister for his stepdaughter. Sophia. He brings with him anatomical sketches, and the measurements will be taken directly from Sophia.

When he brings in Sophia to be measured, she captures Hendle's heart. Hendle discovers that Fluff is using Sophia as an excuse to create a endlessly fuckable child that can't escape, grow older, has no rights. Best of all, the dolls youthful innocence is not tarnished in the way that Sophia is now. Fluff has been pimping Sophia out to the rest of the lechers in town and is funding this little purchase with her earnings.

Hendle decides he must save Sophia from her stepfather. He works into the night finishing what will be his masterpiece. And when Fluff comes to collect the mechanical girl, Hendle offers him a trade: Sophia's freedom for the Automaton. Fluff discovers Sophia hiding and Hendle is killed in the struggle to save Sophia. Fluff returns to his house with his prize and prepares to get what he's been craving for so long. But Hendle has one more surprise waiting within his final creation.

Copyright 2006 Lawrence Whiteside
All Rights Reserved