Hannah Sanderson

After a stint in rehab, Samantha has finally kicked her meth habit. But when she fails to hold onto a string of dead-end jobs, her last chance to make it sober comes in the form of Brenner's, a local greasy diner. There, she has to wait on crazy customers during the day and then return home to her lonely, dirty apartment.

One night, she discovers her beloved goldfish dead in its bowl and realizes she had been feeding it pepper, not fish food, for weeks. All of this chips away at Samantha's resolve, and she starts thinking and dreaming about Jake, a former lover from her dark past.

Following a night of drinking alone, dangerous ideas turn into action when Samantha attempts to score drugs. When she can't, she only becomes more desperate-- so much so that she goes out looking for Jake. She finds his address on the internet, goes to see him, and discovers that he is now living in the suburbs with a pregnant wife and a cushy job. He sneaks out of the house and takes her to a nearby playground.

Jake reveals that he is still using, despite everything. He tells Samantha to meet him at a hotel that night, one that they used to go to several years ago. She goes home and climbs onto the windowsill where the bowl of dead fish remains. She opens the window, hovers over it, hesitating, and then dumps out the bowl. She goes to the sink and washes out the bowl in scalding water.

Copyright 2005 Hannah Sanderson
All Rights Reserved