Mya Baker

In this semi-silent, black and white film, a young woman in college has her sights on a man that holds a secret lifestyle that is revealed after she has a night of passionate unprotected sex with him. Through animated battle scenes we see how the HIV Virus attacks her body from within. Blended with jazz music and specs of RED colors to symbolize caution, we see how a pretty face can have rotten insides.

BIO: Mya Baker is a young filmmaker born and raised in Chi-town. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she came to be around people of like mind in the independent film industry. Graduating from Columbia College of Chicago in 1995 with a concentration in film studies gave her the writing and production skills needed to pursue her passion as an independent filmmaker.

From working as a PA on several independent films and interning, she decided to venture into her own project. After two years of groundbreaking interviews and obtaining historical information, she has just finished her documentary entitled, ‘Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America.’ This documentary has already received a Telly Award for 2004 and has been making noise at various film festivals. 

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