Blane Suizu

"Imagine yourself falling and you canít stop it. My name is Allan Becker and this is my life." ≠ Allan.

Allan is just a normal, well-liked guy that enjoys his work as a grade school teacher and spending time with his friends. He just wants to find happiness but as it turns out life is not always that simple. Having grown up in a turbulent childhood with two parents who grew frustrated with each other, he now finds himself on the verge of losing an important friendship with Jenny.

They were best of friends since childhood and were secretly in love with each other. It was a secret kept for many years until Jenny finally confesses her feelings to him. It wasnít very good timing though. Her longtime boyfriend recently proposed to her and Allan was already deeply in love with Sophie. As it becomes clear that they may have missed their opportunity to be together, Allan must come to grips with the situation.

His friendship with Jenny slowly deteriorates as well as his days of happiness. In the midst of dealing with his current struggles with Jenny, he must also deal with his overbearing mother, his lonely father, and a dying child. In the end, he may just see the bigger picture.

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