Margot Jewers

It is the eve of change.

Eve has worked hard as a waitress, saving for her trip to Europe with her friend, Lynne. It is her last day of work; she leaves the following day to be gone for the next five months. Somehow, when the bottle of potential adventure gets shaken up, she gets more than she bargained for. A romantic attraction springs up, quite unexpectedly, with Glenn, the dining room pianist, who is a fellow employee. The timing could not be worse, for she has an adoring boyfriend who awaits her arrival for the good-bye party he and her many friends are throwing in her honor. Yet despite these obstacles, Eve somehow succumbs to the magnetic pull between she and Glenn and they slip in a quick, intimate meeting at the hotel lounge, under the watchful eyes of fellow employees.

Glenn wants more from Eve and his frenzy escalates quickly as she insists she must leave at once for the party. When Eve looks back for a final glance of her new amour, she instead gets a glimpse of Glenn's decent into the edge of darkness. What begins as eye contact from across a room impacts both their lives, revealing secrets that will prove fateful for any further encounters. It is a tragic love story of two people whose lives overlap, pulling at each other's heart strings and then diverge: she becomes liberated, while he moves onto the car wreck of his life.  

Copyright 2005 Margot Jewers
All Rights Reserved