Vicki Speegle

DOLORES is a scrawny but feisty twelve year old living with her hard-working single Mom and two younger brothers in middle class suburbia. Dolores’s mother works the night shift at the hospital, barely able to make ends meet.

Dolores is desperate to grow up, and she prides herself in the fact that her mother has charged her with the caretaking of her two younger brothers while she’s at work. But Dolores’s little brothers resent their older sister lording it over them, and they do everything bratty little brothers can to make things difficult for her.

One night the boys sneak a package of suckers into their bedroom and proceed to lick and stick every one to the walls. Dolores leaves a pot of macaroni cooking on the stove to handle the boys, and she nearly causes a fire in the kitchen. Petrified by what could have happened in her absence, Mom decides to hire a babysitter. Dolores is angry and humiliated, that is until she catches sight of Susan.

A sexy sixteen year old, Susan is one of the older students at the Catholic school Dolores attends, a girl that Dolores idolizes and the epitome of everything she wishes she could be. Dolores soon develops a painful platonic crush on super-cool Susan, and their two worlds collide when Dolores tries to grow up too fast. 

Copyright 2005 Vicki Speegle
All Rights Reserved