Mark Wasserman

After being kicked out of his apartment for not paying rent, CHEROKEE, 20's a down-at-the-heels LA musician, must decide where to go next. After a confidence-building hike of Runyon Canyon with his friend, the movie-mad, TODD, 20's, Cherokee forms a
plan. He will try to charm legendary Rocker, ANNIE RAVEN, 30's, whose house is nearby. Maybe she will like him and his music so much that she will take him
in. Todd warns him that it’s a dumb plan: Cherokee will get lost, arrested, or attacked by coyotes. But Cherokee, after a few swigs of courage, decides to go for it anyway.

Taking his guitar, he hikes into the lush Hills over Hollywood, and arrives at Annie’s House. He stands in her back yard, serenading her with a few of his songs. She doesn’t hear, consumed with the pressure of composing new material for a looming deadline. Moving closer, Cherokee gets his foot caught in a coyote trap. He screams for Annie. Grabbing a gun, Annie goes out her back yard to investigate. She approaches cautiously, only to recognize Cherokee as a person who has been stalking her. She turns to go back to the house and call police. Cherokee pleads for her help to
get out of the trap. She refuses. Cherokee sweet-talks her, begging her to listen to his CD. He says if she doesn’t like it, she can call the police. Out of curiosity, Annie relents. To her surprise, she likes Cherokee’s music. She turns it up so loud that
she doesn’t hear Cherokee’s cries for help as a pack of coyotes begins to attack him. At last Annie turns off the music and goes back outside. But it’s too late. Cherokee is dead. Annie is horrified and runs back inside to call the police. Then she remembers her deadline. With Cherokee’s music still playing, she decides to steal his song for her own.

Copyright 2005 Mark Wasserman
All Rights Reserved