Michael Edward Croney

Joel is in his early 30’s and finds himself increasingly desperate. He’s had his share of relationships, but quickly ended each on the basis of some trumped-up fault. When his loneliness gets the better of him, he turns to the Internet in hopes of solving his problems.

Through the miracle of technology, he’s able to efficiently filter out scores of needy women and settle on a prospect that piques his interest – Charlotte. She and he meet in the park and get the ball rolling.

Charlotte moves quickly to solidify their couple status. Joel is apprehensive at the speed of their courtship; his friends encourage the blossoming lovebirds.

And then, on one pleasant Sunday morning, Charlotte reveals her true self and declares her intentions for their relationship. She’s seeking a commitment. One of such length and limitlessness that Joel flips out and runs.

With little room to maneuver, Joel seeks the counsel of a “spiritualist” that provides more questions than answers. Charlotte further insinuates herself into Joel’s life … and it’s her final salvo – changing his answering machine message – that pushes him to try and break-up with her.

An expert at terminating relationships, Joel must now end it with a woman who is not accustomed to being denied.

Copyright 2005 Michael Edward Croney
All Rights Reserved