Calvin H. Neal, Jr.

CLEVE MASTERS is the youngest son of Masters’ clan patriarch PETE MASTERS. Pete, along with his brothers, TOBE and JOSEPHUS, all former Buffalo Soldiers, own five-hundred adjoining acres on the outskirts of the all-Black town of Hells Path, Oklahoma Territory, in 1877. The Masters’ herd cattle and horses and are the biggest customer of white bank and general store owner, HERBERT GUIDRY. Because of the income generated through his dealings with Pete masters and family, Guidry allows his 17 year-old daughter, ALEXANDRA, to carry on a romance with 17 year-old Cleve. But when Alexandra becomes pregnant with Cleve’s child, Guidry has Cleve arrested on a trumped up charge of rape. Cleve’s arrest and impending sentencing drive Alexandra to suicide. Guidry become enraged and forces the judge to sentence Cleve to ten years hard labor.

Over the course of Cleve sentence, back in Hell’s Path, the empire and name of the Masters family has grown to a point that Guidry is threatened by Pete Masters’ clout in the territory and decides that the Masters’ must be eliminated. On the night before Cleve’s release from prison, Guidry’s men massacre Cleve’s family. Learning of the slaughter upon his return, Cleve’s mission becomes avenging his family. With help from his cousin, THREE-GUN MITCHELL and the notorious outlaw RUFUS BUCK Cleve and his friends seek out and dispatch the guilty parties.

“Cleve Masters: Day of Reckoning”, harkens back to the day of the Western serial, when the good guys always won and you could tell who they were.

Copyright 2005 Calvin H. Neal, Jr.
All Rights Reserved