Angie M. Comer

A hip & clever story about a 16-year old and her virginity.

Katie is a conventional teenager concerned with her hair, school….and her hair. Katie’s world of fashion magazines and hanging out takes a topsy-turvy spin when she is suddenly convinced that she has become the last virgin in her entire school.

She recently discovered that her mortal enemy, Margaret, has lost her virginity before she did. Because cool is the name of the teenage game with Katie’s clique, “virginity” is a humiliating brand she doesn’t want to be associated with.

There is a hidden and unspoken competition among the students to have sex. And though Katie never saw herself in this race, she is now an unwilling participant. Katie wants to try and make the right decision, but she has no clue of what her choice should be. Strong opinions from her mom and friends begin to cloud her judgment and direction. To make matters even more twisted, her long time classmate Bobby attempts to blackmail Katie into having sex or he will “out” her virginity in the school newspaper.

The heat is on and the pressure is overwhelming; it becomes a hilarious showdown between Katie and her virginity. With an essay due, she has yet to start and feeling she is in a constant cat-fight with her hormones, makes Katie’s delicate issue royally complicated. “Career Virgin” is a tender and witty adventure about the pursuit of sex, no sex and the insanity of teenage choices.

Copyright 2005 Angie M. Comer
All Rights Reserved