Roy Mc Mullen Jr.

Scott Jacobs, years removed from his glory days of a once up and coming light-weight boxer in Detroit, now finds his life reduced to pick up sparring sessions to financially make ends meet. 

While going home after one of his more grueling "sessions" he finds an abandoned fight dog, a Pit bull, in one of the many vacant lots on the east side of the city. Much like Scott, the dog has seen better days and has actually been left to die, by its owner, of wounds from a recent battle. 

Scott's decision to keep in the game is not just out of financial necessity; there is still a lingering desire to keep banging, keep fighting, as it were; both as a choice and a life's calling he hasn't been able to walk away from the scene.

It takes little thought for Scott to rescue the Pit Bull a.k.a. Big Dog. They are kindred spirits. It is while at the local Humane Society facility that Scott both meets Janean one of the facility vets and learns about the cruel underground world of urban fighting dogs.

Janean is touched by Scott's obvious connection to the dog and its welfare. The care and recuperation of Big Dog brings she and Scott together. A romance results.

Conflict arises on two levels. It's time for Scott to get out of the fight game. Janean tries to get him out with a job possibility for the city's parks and recreation department. 

Scott still believes he has one fight in him.

The second level of conflict comes when Scott is confronted on the streets by Big Dog's original owner, Two K, a young enterprising thug looking to play any {angle} to his advantage.

Finding his former fight dog fully recuperated, Two K and his running buddy, Sammy, take the dog by force.

He's going to set up the dog in a fixed fight.

Scott solicits Janean's help to track down the location of the fight to once again somehow save Big Dog.

The prophecy of the one last fight comes true as Scott challenges Two K to actually fight for the dog. 

The climatic end flips the crowd of thrill seekers, ready to watch animals rip each other apart, they go into a frenzy at the prospect of a winner take all battle of two men. 

Regardless of the outcome Scott earns a degree of "props"/ respect from the jaded posers/players/ballers etc. as a man willing to put it all on the line for the love of a dog.

"Big Dog" is a heartfelt, urban tale of a man at the crossroads of his life, his woman and his Pit Bull the hip-hop version of the family unit.

Copyright 2004 Roy Mc Mullen Jr.
All Rights Reserved