The 36th Annual WorldFest-Houston Int'l Film & Video Festival
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The 36th Annual WorldFest-Houston
International Film & Video Festival
Deadline Entry Fee
01/31/2007 (late - extended again) $75/$100 (short/feature)
Award: Fame, Honor, Glory...raw, medals, plaques!
Other Awards/Prizes: There are 12 main competition divisions in WorldFest. Features, Shorts, Docs, TV Prodns, TVC's, Experimental, New Media, MTV, Scripts, Radio, Print, 200 sub-categories...we believe in apples competing with apples, not oranges. Kodak $2500 Raw Stock, various Cash grants to $5,000. Plus options and deals. Student, Short , Script and Feature winners are all submitted to the top 100 agencies, production companies and producers in LA and NYC. 
The 34th Annual WorldFest-Houston is the ONLY totally dedicated Indie film festival in North all! Only new Indie Preems, with invited directors, as we feel that Miramax doesn't really need our help marketing their 'new' releases...after all, they own Sundance. We are the oldest film festival in the world operating under the very same management... a few others are older, but have had many different directors...some have even been fired twice. We gave first awards and honors to Spielberg, Lucas, Lynch, Randall Kleiser, Stone (Ollie), Scott (Ridley) and zillions of others. You could be next. Our juries are all serious pros, no office offense to OB's but they have not made movies and won awards. All of our staff are real filmmakers, no cultural bureaucrats or sleazy promoters here...This is a serious, dedicated Indie Film Festival with an attitude..."A GOOD STORY, WELL TOLD" A film festival by filmmakers, for filmmakers. Since we refuse Major studio money and films we are really Independent. We offer serious seminars (Vilmos Szigmund, Chuck Jones (He can be serious), Ridley Scott, Laszlo Kovacs) and great networking. A festival club where you don't need no stinkin' badges! No limos and cellphone agents, just great filmmakers. We send info on all our winners to the top 200 intl film festivals and you get invites to exotic locales...there is a catch, you have to win first. We publish a coffee-table program book that we send to the top studios, distributors, festivals, agents and agencies. We screen just 50 features and 100 shorts...we feel that festivals that show 200-300 features are insulting both the filmmakers and their no one can possibly see 300 films in ten days and a lot of good films get unnoticed.
Our festival is filmmaker friendly and we are the only film festival in the world with a regatta, and BBQ, where we give you a yacht, lots of Shiner Bock beer and tons of BBQ. We also accept video, 16mm and 35mm and show it too...on Christie Digital Projection Systems...and our 2001 Web site will stream the!
Notification Date:  TBA

Eligibility: See website
Rules: No rules...just good movies...(well, there are a few we do like preems best, new films, please...not oldies...director must attend ...we invite the director...and there is a small entry fee...and all the other stuff is on our webby at (and we are a non-profit 501-(c)-(3) there!
Web Address:
Contact & E-mail: Hunter Todd
Contact Title: Chairman & Founding Director
Organization: Entry Team WorldFest - 2003
36th Annual WorldFest-Houston
2700 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1798
PO Box 56566
Houston, Texas 77256-6566
United States
Phone: 713.965.9955
Fax: 713.965.9960
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Call For Entries: 36th WORLDFEST-HOUSTON
WorldFest-Houston Intl Film & Video Festival 2002 Top Honors
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