Kent Wong


During the darkest days of contemporary Chinese history – The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, Young Tao and his two high school friends, Gao Hua and Lee Bing, experience firsthand the harsh ideological and political suppressions by the communist dictator Mao.

Their classmates are swept up in the fervor of revolution, and their plans to attend university are dashed. Young Tao’s father’s background as a “counter-revolutionary” makes Young Tao and his family the target of the purge.

When their friends fell victim to the brutality of the East Wind Red Guards, they join the opposing Red Guard faction, the Red Flags, to fight the East Wind. Their friendship grows during the turmoil of the Revolution.

After the anarchy period of the Cultural Revolution, Young Tao and his friends are forced to move to the countryside for re-education. In the village, Young Tao meets Lee Yin, a beautiful, sympathetic and supportive village girl. Their relationship blossoms.

Soon the peaceful village life comes to an end as Young Tao witnesses the mass execution of counter-revolutionaries. Young Tao and his two friends undertake a daring escape attempt to Hong Kong. They are caught on the Chinese coastline. They undertakes the second attempt after they are released from jail, however, the second escape ends tragically, with the deaths of Young Tao’s two friends.

Undeterred, Young Tao, with the blessing of his mother and Lee Yin, undertakes one final escape attempt, and makes it to Hong Kong, attaining his freedom.

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