Sheri Davenport


Holly Ceroni is a 27 year old upbeat, single mom and aspiring chef. She’s also the product of two generations of hippie life and is a true believer in all things lucky. She plays the lottery every week…always the same numbers, and she kisses her father’s medal, hanging from the car mirror, before she tucks the ticket into her glove box.

Mike Ronowski, 28, is a product of a working class family. He’s a bit of a cynic with a chip on his shoulder and has just come off a run of very bad luck. He believes the universe has it in for him.

The night Holly buys the winning lottery ticket she meets a friend at a bar, where Mike is drinking with his buddy Joe. Holly is in a hurry leaving her car and accidentally drops her car key. When a drunk Mike and Joe head out to the parking lot Joe discovers his truck has been booted for unpaid tickets. Joe spots Holly’s keys and in a moment of drunken stupidity, the two decide they’ll steal the car.

Holly learns she’s won the lottery, and goes to the state lottery office to tell her sad story. The press broadcasts the story which Mike and Joe see. Because the ticket is too hot to cash, they craft a plan: Mike will charm Holly and convince her to offer a reward for the ticket if it’s found. Then Joe will swoop in, give her the ticket and collect the money.

Mike uses clues from the stuff he finds in her car to charm Holly and make her believe they were meant for each other. It works, she falls for him. But Mike also falls for her and her son, Max, and begins to feel incredibly guilty. Determined to make things right he calls off the deal and mails Holly the lottery ticket, anonymously. Joe is furious and the two have a falling out. After a date Holly and Mike stop by his apartment, and while she’s looking through his CDs, Holly finds her father’s medal…the one that was hanging in her car. She’s devastated to think Mike’s been playing her but keeps her feelings to herself.

The next day Holly receives the lottery ticket in the mail. As planned, Mike takes her on a big date and professes his love for her. Her response is chilly at best and she doesn’t mention the ticket. For the next week Holly avoids Mike’s calls further confusing him. Unable to take it any longer, Mike confronts Holly who is on a date with Joe at the skating rink. They have a final blow-out in the street. In a moment of anger Holly pulls the lottery ticket out of her purse and tears it up. Mike is horrified.

A sad Holly and Max prepare for Christmas. Mike tries everything to win her back but Holly is crushed and doesn’t waiver. Max, who has bonded with Mike, is angry and begins acting out. He runs away on Christmas Eve to the construction site to find Mike. Mike brings him home and shares an honest, cleansing moment with Holly. Later he comes back, decorates Holly’s yard and shares his massive plan to pay back all the money she lost. He tells her he loves her and he knows he’s not worthy but hopes someday she’ll forgive him. She believes he’s sincere and tells him that she didn’t tear up the ticket, but turned it in and banked the money. She gives him another chance and love prevails.

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