Political Thriller

Debra Vance


Chuck McCaffrey has made a career of flashy news stories and scurrilous
journalism. The smarmy host of a TV news magazine, has risen to the top of tabloid
broadcasting via exploited subjects and smeared reputations. And now, his pièce de
résistance – he has done the impossible: convinced Helene Hawks to give an interview.

Helene, the enigmatic wife of a Presidential Candidate and daughter of a renowned
American Astronaut/Inventor, is the closest thing America has to royalty. She’s also
notoriously press-shy: It’s the interview even Oprah couldn’t land.

But after Chuck interviews Helene and spends a cozy evening alone with her, she
mysteriously disappears - leaving him as the prime suspect. The incriminating details of their past together, and the dramatic events of their present, unfurl in primetime, making Chuck and Helene the greatest reality TV the world has ever seen. Forced on the run from the FBI, the press, and the TV-watching world, Chuck goes in search of the one piece of evidence which might clear his name.

Copyright 2009 Debra Vance
All Rights Reserved