Kevin Conder


A gifted but arrogant singer, Michael Maragos, suffers a terrible accident on stage when a lighting tower crushes him.

While recovering at his estranged wife's house, Michael is upset and confused when he discovers that a fan died in the accident. He speeds off in his car but loses consciousness and crashes into a Santa Monica hotel, aggravating his injury to the extent that he loses himself completely.

Michael winds up homeless on Venice Beach, a shadow of who he once was, hidden behind a full beard, sunglasses and a cowboy hat. He ekes out a living panhandling on the boardwalk and sleeps in an abandoned lifeguard tower.
He longs for his wife- even though he canít remember her name. He is periodically attacked by a gang of homeless men, who beat him and take what little money he has.

His wife and best friend search for him. Despite several near-misses, Michael disappears completely.

Time passes. His wife and friend still look for him whenever they can. One day, by blind luck more than anything, Michael sees his friend from a distance and realizes he knows him. After a wild chase through the streets of L.A., Michael stumbles into his friendís studio.

He returns to his wifeís open arms. He slowly recovers and tries to reconstruct what he can of his life and once bright career. He discovers a new well-spring of creativity. He brings his old band together as equal partners to play once more- in the concert of a lifetime.

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