Colin Costello


It was supposed to be "the" wedding. The type of wedding that only appears in fairytales.

It was a wedding, advertising guru Jane Weinstein, had been planning since she was seven. Now a 29-year-old perfectionist, Jane micro-managed everything down to the last doily. Using her advertising connections, she hired the best photographer, the best chefs and the best musicians.

She also found a rabbi with his own radio show. And she found the best town in the Connecticut woods. A perfectly small town named Perfect.

What about the groom?

She found him, too. On J-Date.

And for the kicker, Jane even bought her own wedding band. A $50,000 gold-and-diamond-encrusted jewel that took every allowance, every babysitting dollar, every advertising bonus to save up for.

Insurance? She'd take care of it with her next paycheck.

No one was going to stand in Jane's way of having a wedding that The National Enquirer would be proud to crash.

Except the deer.

It did what Jane’s best friend/maid of honor Maxine, her mother and father, her transvestite wedding planner and even the weather couldn't do.

This white tail buck stopped Jane from marrying the wrong guy.

It charged through at the last second, knocking over the rabbi and Steven, causing Jane’s ring to fly out of his hand... onto its antler.

And in a blink, it was gone. Into 3,000 acres of Connecticut woods.

Now with 48 hours until hunting season begins, Jane is desperate to get her ring back. So she turns to the local sheriff, Oliver Randall. Ollie's a decorated law enforcement official who only has a slight issue -- he gets nervous around beautiful women.

However, in Jane's case, he won't just be nervous. She's going to drive him out of his mind.

They're going to make quite the pair as they search for this unique and highly intelligent thief in Bridezilla vs. Deer. But know this –- one will stand. The other will fall.

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