Joe Acton


Mark Blackburn has been married 15 years. He has two kids, two mortgages, two car payments and the last time he and his wife, Laura, had sex, he forgot her Valentine's Day card in the car. They're drifting apart.

He confides in is best friend Craig, a psychologist who tries to talk him into having an affair with a married woman, "You know, someone with as much to lose or gain as you." When Craig confesses to having done the same thing to fix his own marriage, Mark is incredulous. Events at home, however, soon take a turn for the worse and Mark realizes he has nothing to lose.

Gwen married and just as bored and frustrated as Mark is everything his wife is not - spontaneous, cheerful, sexual. And yet, like his wife, Gwen bristles at Mark's slave-like devotion to his job. When his career continues to interfere, she demands that Mark choose between it and her. Before he can make that decision, however, she gets pregnant and now he must choose between the life he has and the life he really wants.

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