Science Fiction

Scott Lloyd Randall and Jocelyn Freulon


In the near future, ADAM, a man who looks 35, wakes up in a hospital room, supposedly with amnesia resulting from a car accident. His friend, Raphael, and the medical staff led by Dr. Sandra Santini, support him through his recovery and rehabilitation. Adam is released from the hospital and inserted into society with a job and an apartment, but nothing that is supposed to be his old life is familiar to him.

One night, Adam roams around the city in a cab and he meets TANYA, a jaunty girl in a bar. She takes him to the slums where she grew up and introduces him to another side of society: poverty with its good and bad aspects. Adam makes love and truly feels alive for the first time of his life. In spite of his research, he will never see the girl again. More than ever, he doesnít respect the conventions of society as they have less and less reality for him.

One day, he wanders the city and ends up in a church. Surprisingly, Raphael is there and he reveals the truth to Adam. Adam is an adult-born human clone created and inserted into society by the government and Anton is part of the conspiracy.
He betrays his staff and helps Adam to escape.

On the run and confused, Adam meets ZOOM, a funky open-minded hippie that invites him to his mountain retreat. Adam begins to enjoy an ďauthenticĒ life in spite of his decaying health and appearance. During this time, the Military lead by JAMAL, take over the conduct of the project and actively search for Adam.

Suspicious, MARCOS, Zoomís roommate, informs the authorities of Adamís location. A SWAT team raids the house and captures him.

In the car that brings him back to the city, Adam starts to shake and to spit blood. The car makes a stop in a clinic and medical analyses reveal that he is dying. It is Sandraís turn to be remorseful and help Adam to escape. 

After days of wandering the subway, Adam is transfixed by a beautiful woman and follows her to her apartment. Soon, he faces the woman and her husband, Adamís genetic origin, a fresher version of himself. Adam has a melancholic glimpse of the life that should have been his own, including childhood and parenthood.

He runs away and stops on a hill by a willow tree. Finally at peace, he beholds the sun setting upon the city. Death gradually glazes over his eyes.

Copyright 2007 Scott Lloyd Randall and Jocelyn Freulon
All Rights Reserved