Diane Namm

After Nikki Selby breaks out of jail, she heads to Vegas to marry fast and well. She snags charming millionaire-widower Johnny Rivers and thinks she's got life wired; until she learns that greed comes at a price, and it might just be her life. Synopsis: Johnny's daughter Anna and housekeeper, Mrs. Danby welcome Nikki. But then scary stuff happens: Nikki sees a ghost floating in her tub; the ceiling-mirror over her bed bleeds a warning to leave or die; objects move by themselves; and flute music comes from who knows where.

Nikki’s sure it’s the ghost of Johnny's first wife trying to scare her off. Johnny and Mrs.Danby tell Nikki she’s delusional. Johnny wonders if he’s made a mistake. Desperate to stay married, Nikki acts the perfect wife/mother to prove she’s sane and she woos Anna to make her an ally -- and they appear to genuinely bond. Nikki and Anna have a “girls’ night,” Anna suggests they play "seance." During the Ouija board session, Anna becomes “possessed” by her mother's ghost and murderously turns on Nikki, who defends herself just as Johnny walks in. Johnny’s horrified. Nikki knows the only way to keep him is to find and confront the ghost. Nikki prowls the house. First she stumbles into a secret part of the house and sees a high-tech “haunting” operation: sound-effects machine; bank of video cameras; and a holograph machine. She finds evidence that Johnny's first wife, Teresa Rivers, died in a car crash and the $2 million-dollar insurance payout he received. Nikki then sees the insurance policy Johnny's secretly taken out on her. Thinking that Johnny killed off Teresa, she figures he’s going to kill her, too. On her way to protect Anna and escape with her, Nikki discovers Anna in Johnny’s arms and realizes that Anna isn’t Johnny’s daughter. With Johnny in pursuit, Nikki escapes in Johnny’s car, which crashes and burns. She dies off screen. “Grieving” Johnny gets a life-insurance payout of $3 million, and an unexpected follow-up visit from an inquisitive insurance agent. During that visit -- the “ghost” of Nikki appears to Johnny who was actually in league with Mrs. Danby, and turns them against each other. Mrs. Danby shoots Johnny, removes her disguise and reveals that she is, in fact, Teresa, Johnny's first wife. Nikki, who is also very much alive (having faked her death), and Teresa end up in a deadly battle to see who will be the last "ghost" standing.

Copyright 2007 Diane Namm
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