Patrick Hegarty

Haunted by the Iraqi war, a conflicted ex-Marine named John Sullivan kills a punk frat boy in a bar fight in Juarez. Too bad the frat boyís father is the ruthless head of the most powerful military services company in the world. The father unleashes a group of mercenaries and the FBI to track down his sonís killer and bring him down.

So John must sneak back into the United States a hunted man. Once there he sees gregarious coyotes, a pack of weekend border vigilantes running a sexual slave ring, and his face all over the evening news. After torching the house of the sex ringís leader, John escapes with the manís homosexual son and a female illegal that was trapped in the vigilanteís sexual snares.

This group of misfits makes their way west, evading the Feds and mercenaries across the desert southwest, hiding on a Pima Indian reservation, doing whatever they have to do to survive. Eventually, John reaches California to reunite with his brother and keep the promise he made to his dead friend Ernesto months before. Too bad it might be the last promise he ever keeps. 

In the tradition of Cool Hand Luke and Outlaw Josey Wales, Flower of Fire is the story of a man overcoming nameless and overwhelming forces to take a stand. It is the story of one manís determination to remain human in a dehumanizing world. It is the story of one manís tribute to a fallen friend.

Copyright 2007 Patrick Hegarty
All Rights Reserved