Science Fiction

Lance Bradley


This is the epic tale of a world in peril and mankind with near extinction. It follows the story of Machina who is a wanderer trying to survive the demons that roam the land. When he comes to meet a prophet named Burdorf who thinks he may be the chosen one, he embarks on an amazing journey. He travels through amazing landscapes, battles strange creatures, and meets guardian friends to help him on his way.

He quickly discovers that this journey won't be easy with the Dark One tracking his steps. The Dark One enlists his right hand man, the Merchant to destroy Machina. The Dark One also enlists powerful demons and underworld assasins to stop Machina, before he completes the prophecy. Machina's journey will lead him to a exciting face off with the Dark One and even more interesting, the truth about "Faith".

Copyright 2007 Lance Bradley
All Rights Reserved