Daniel Dorian


JACKIE, a cross between Belmondo in ‘Breathless’ and Al Pacino in ‘Carlito’s Way’, is witty, fatalistic and corrupt; but his soul is honorable. 

An immigrant from Hong Kong, JACKIE falls in love with his schoolmate ANGELA, a teenager from Italian parents. 

JACKIE succumbs to drugs. ANGELA drifts in and out of his existence, as he sinks into moral and physical decay. 

On an impromptu vacation, JACKIE tries to have sex with her. ANGELA, a true Italian Catholic, drives him off. They separate.

She starts a career in law enforcement. JACKIE hooks up with OYSTER, the leader of a brutal Chinese gang. OYSTER supplies JACKIE with drugs. He assigns him a bodyguard, KAM, his old high school buddy who has turned into a ruthless killer. Two losers JACKIE falls for, an addicted whore and a nymphomaniac photographer precipitate his downfall. 

JACKIE visits another high school buddy, IAN, in jail for drug dealing. IAN informs him that he has been transferred to Attica and asks him as a favor to help an old friend, thus setting him up with a DEA undercover agent to whom he sells larger and larger quantities of heroin. JACKIE and KAM fall for a clever trap set by the DEA. They receive 8 years to life. Under tough questioning, JACKIE refuses to rat out his supplier. He and KAM are sent to Attica. 

In Attica, KAM assassinates IAN, following OYSTER’s orders. As JACKIE is about to intervene, STEVEN, another Chinese hoodlum on OYSTER’s payroll also serving time in Attica, drags him away from the scene of the crime, saving him from being accused of the murder. He tells him that OYSTER is pleased by his loyalty.

ANGELA pays JACKIE a surprise visit, informs him that she married their schoolmate PAT, but separated from him. She tells JACKIE that she has a daughter she named after him, JACQUELINE, and that she still loves him. She assures him that she will help him regain his freedom.

PAT grants her a divorce, reluctantly. 

STEVEN finds out that ANGELA visited JACKIE and that her ex is an FBI agent. For fear that JACKIE might betray him, OYSTER orders KAM to kill him. KAM stabs JACKIE. Before stabbing him a second time, he is shot dead by one of Attica’s correction officers.

JACKIE survives his wound. ANGELA visits him in Attica’s hospital. She begs him to reveal the identity of the man who threatens his life, in vain. JACKIE suspects ANGELA to be a DEA cover. She assures him that she is not, reiterates her love for him. 

ANGELA goes to JACKIE’s apartment to retrieve some of his personal things. She stumbles upon an address book, checks its content then calls the DEA, unaware that she is being tailed.

While JACKIE and ANGELA wed in Attica, the DEA raids OYSTER’s gambling loft. OYSTER escapes.

When ANGELA drives back to her mother’s house, she encounters detectives who just searched the premises because of her relationship with JACKIE. Suspecting that her FBI husband is responsible for the raid, she barges into his office, tells him that she is the one who tipped the DEA to protect JACKIE. PAT threatens to keep their daughter away from her if she doesn’t annul her marriage with JACKIE.

JACKIE never hears from ANGELA again. 

When he is paroled from Attica, he is bent on finding ANGELA. His determination to fulfill the dream of true love will lead to a final coming together of JACKIE, ANGELA, PAT, JACQUELINE and OYSTER’S cold-blooded killers as the story reaches its dangerous and unexpected conclusion.

Copyright 2007 Daniel Dorian
All Rights Reserved