Meeghan Holaway and Grace McKeaney


BLIND SPOT. Veteran homicide detective Daniel Sykes can not escape bad dreams. Despite the highest arrest record in his department he is tortured by visions of the female victims in a string of brutal murders. Having put a serial rapist behind bars for the crimes, he must reopen the case, to the displeasure of high-ups, when the murders begin all over again. 

Danielís own mental state is on the line. A near myopic focus on this case has strained relations with Seth, the highly functioning autistic brother he cares for. It has also caused a mental breakdown necessitating psychological counseling because Daniel, in his inability to solve the crimes, has nearly taken his own life. 

The murder of Danielís mother, a cold case for twenty five years, has clouded Danielís ability to separate the present from the specter of the past. And when the beautiful police psychologist heís seeing (and become intimate with) turns up dead, Daniel faces a starling new awareness. The serial killer is targeting victims in his own life, as a form of communication. This places Sarah, the young woman who helps cares for his brother, in perhaps the greatest danger of all. 

Released from the case, Daniel begins a journey back to the Southern town he was raised in, seeking answers to his motherís murder. What he finds there is the stuff of Southern Gothic literature and provides a stunning connection to the murders which have been happening all around him. A good cop, Daniel relentlessly pursues the truth, even as it takes him into a heart of darkness.

Copyright 2007 Meeghan Holaway and Grace McKeaney
All Rights Reserved