Alex Williams


GILLY WALKER is a valued public servant in the small Oregon community of Mount Comfort: he’s the town bookie, taking bets on everything from college football to The People’s Choice Awards. EMMA LANGLEY is a fiercely dedicated Treasury agent on the trail of foreign currency swindler JAKE ROBINETTE. She learns that Jake has set a meeting with his South Korean partners at the High Timber Hotel in Mount Comfort. Emma and her partner RUSSELL BEACHUM come to Mount Comfort to stake out the meeting and arrest Jake, working with Gilly’s best friend SHERIFF DALE BUCKLEY to set up the bust. 

Jake arrives in Mt. Comfort on schedule with his henchmen ARCH DALTON and CRUNCH SIMMONS. Gilly is also at the hotel for a clandestine assignation with RACINE WILEY, clandestine because Racine is the girlfriend of AL BECKER, a local bully and loud mouth. (Gilly is sleeping with Racine at least in part to get back at Al without having to confront him directly.)

The arrest goes awry, however. Arch and Crunch escape, but Jake’s getaway is inadvertently foiled by Gilly, who happens to open the back door of the hotel at just the right moment, knocking Jake out cold. When Emma, Russell and Dale find Gilly standing over Jake, they assume he bravely apprehended a desperate fugitive. Everyone thinks he’s a hero, and Gilly decides to let everyone go ahead and think it. 

As he’s being taken away, Jake swears vengeance on Gilly. On the way back to Los Angeles Arch and Crunch free Jake, severely injuring Russell in the process. Convinced that Jake will make good on his threats against Gilly, Emma returns alone to protect him and recapture Jake.

After Jake’s escape Emma refuses to trust anyone (including Dale), and doesn’t want anyone to know her real reason for coming back to Mount Comfort. Gilly, who has been attracted to Emma from the moment they met, comes up with a cover story: she’s there to visit him. Not having a better alternative Emma agrees to the ruse, and they pretend to be a couple.

When he’s with Emma Gilly has to avoid Racine, who is not only jealous but has an unfortunate habit of talking in her sleep. As they spend time together, Gilly and Emma begin to enjoy each others company. A dance at Dale’s wedding, almost ends with a kiss. Meanwhile, Jake is assembling a small army to return to Mt. Comfort.

Jake and his men return as Gilly and Emma are attending a carnival. They barely escape the carnival with their lives, and after a wild car chase Gilly and Emma have to take refuge in Mount Comfort High School. During a running gun battle throughout high school, Gilly risks his life to save Emma’s more than once, proving his real courage and winning Emma’s heart. While Gilly and Emma are on the run, Al hears Racine cooing about Gilly in her sleep, grabs his shotgun and goes out looking for Gilly.

Jake, Arch and Crunch are all killed during the battle at the high school. Gilly and Emma return home only to find Jake’s henchmen RILEY and HENRY lying in wait for them. Riley’s about to shoot Gilly when Al stumbles drunkenly at Gilly’s front door, dropping his shotgun. It goes off, distracting Riley and giving Gilly an opening to jump him while Emma subdues Henry.

Emma decides to stay in Mount Comfort with Gilly, taking over as sheriff when Dale retires.

(And that’s not including the malfunctioning bazooka, an exploding severed head, and the plaque where Florence Henderson’s car broke down.)

Copyright 2007 Alex Williams
All Rights Reserved