Marcus Richardson


The Talented is a comedy / drama set in Washington D.C. Inside the world of the talented Joe, Shannon, and Gerald are three African American college students who are soon to be graduating. Joe struggles with his ability to relate with his old friend Darryl who dropped out of high school and lives a life of crime. Gerald is a womanizer who has no time for anyone’s problems outside of his own and Shannon is an idealistic activist who is in love with Joe but is skeptical about romantic relationships since her parents are divorcing. Also in the world of the talented are Chris, Matthew, Shika and Simone. With lack of parental supervision these four pre-teens explore their sexuality with the help of the media and popular culture, in particular gangster rapper Lil Slim Big, whose new song “Bang, Bang In the Gushy” has a strong influence on the children. Dia and Henry are the final characters in the world of The Talented. They are an affluent African American couple and the parents of Shannon, who are in the process of divorcing. While they go through the motions of divorcing we see their conflicting views on African Americans in the inner city and the idea of progress. All lives in the world of the Talented will affect each other as they deal with issues ranging from relationships, sex materialism, education, poverty, crime and hip-hop within the African American community.

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