David Harris Kline


Noir, detective story set in Los Angeles at Christmas time when the Santa Anas winds are blowing, affecting the ionization in the air and causing a rash wave of instability. Story focuses on old black private investigator, CRUM, hired by his old friend, record producer, LOVIE DEAN, to clear his name in the murder of his wife.

Crum’s history with Lovie dates back forty years to the civil rights movement in Watts. Crum, born and raised in Watts, was involved in a traffic incident with LAPD that ultimately ignited the Watts riots. Lovie, a budding record producer, seeking to extend his name recognition took on Crum as a cause celebre… He gave Crum a job as his family security guard. Lovie spent months on tour with his band. Crum developed great affection for Lovie’s family- falling madly in love with Lovie’s wife, and became surrogate father to Lovie’s daughter. Lovie’s wife, long suffering from her husband’s infidelities, ultimately went mad over her husband’s affairs. Lovie returns from the road and commits his wife against the wishes of his daughter and Crum. Crum, devastated, leaves the job and the daughter behind.

Present day. Crum live on the outskirts of the Valley in something of an “Invisible Man” existence. He has gotten his P.I. license, he does mostly skip traces- enough to make rent… He sublets medical office space from his doctor, and in exchange for free heart medicine he offers to work a tail for the doctor. We see he’s got a hole in his heart- both literal and metaphorical.

On a tail at a jazz club, he fails to catch his doctor’s brother-in-law cheating on his wife. He ends the night at a 24hr. burger stand on Santa Monica Blvd… The winds blowing hard, he is caught in a drag queen parade. He is mugged at his car by two queens. He’s left with a concussion and unable to drive at night.

He is solicited by Lovie’s daughter, now 30, and very much a beautiful woman. She explains her father is in trouble- his newlywed young Hispanic wife has been murdered in Leimert Park. Heavy pressure from the Latino community to arrest Lovie. Crum takes the job with reservations for his old friend, but out of loyalty to the daughter. He hires the piano player from the jazz club to do his night driving. Together, the two men search the streets of Los Angeles in search of the killer.

Copyright 2006 David Harris Kline
All Rights Reserved