Kamal Hamzah


A veteran police officer’s terrifying secret binds him to the recent spate of killings gripping a panic stricken city. Now, Detective Deakin Goodes must come face to face with it to stop the murders and to seek his own redemption as well. But when the serial killer, Kin, targets Deakin’s own daughter in his Fourth Act of Sacrifice, the case takes a turn for the worse. It becomes personal for Deakin and drags him into a downward spiral, both professionally and emotionally. Struggling to cope with his inner demons and with an unquenchable thirst for revenge, Deakin‘s finger slips further and further away from the pulse of the case. With each passing moment, the case is thrown into jeopardy.

Not wanting to let it get out of control, the FBI sends in one of their best, Special Agent Julia Hindmarsh. With an impeccable record for solving cases that have gone cold, she helps get him back on track. But despite being highly regarded in her field, Agent Hindmarsh has never fully shaken off the stigma behind her ‘unconventional’ methods. And more importantly, over the hurt of being left as a child by her father more than twenty years ago.

With a lack of time on their side and the inevitability of the final Fifth Act of Sacrifice looming, both Julia and Deakin must work together to stop Kin before its too late.

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