David Kane


Finding Heart is a story about a young man finding his destiny.

We open with William Heart, a young black 18-year-old student in 1963, on a bus ride to the California State Wrestling Championships. It is here he faces an opponent unlike any he's ever faced. Michael Flynn, an Irishman who has never been defeated in all 4 years of High School and the returning Heavyweight State Champion. Faced with racism and an angry crowd, William manages to pull off a miracle and defeats the mighty opponent.

He marries his long time girl friend, Diana, as they both prepare for Fullerton College, which has a top level Wrestling program. It's here William gets serious, training for the Olympics, his believed destiny...

Then, in a sudden turn of events, William gets a draft notice and before William goes to Vietnam, Diana gives him a special gift. A Mizpah Necklace. There is an inscription from the bible on its backside. "May God watch over you when we are apart". She snaps it in half and places one piece onto her necklace as William wears the other half.

In Vietnam, William experiences several attacks and only his unique wrestling skills enables him to survive, until he is finally captured. Exhausted after 8 long years of torture he prepares to hang himself but amazingly what saves his life is when his ratty old boot falls off his foot. Out from the boot spills the Mizpah necklace he's carried with him, all these years.

After finally being rescued, he is brought to a VA Hospital, where he watches along with many other patience, the 1972 Munich Olympics. A wrestling match between an American and a Brazilian is underway. As the American pins the Brazilian, the entire room ignites with passion. Then, a close-up image on the television reveals a familiar face.

It's Michael Flynn from earlier. His name along with "Winner of the Bronze Medal", appear on the screen. Enraged, Henry throws anything he can find at the television set. A bedpan, a light... As the set shatters a riot ignites. When the doctors rush in to break up the madness we find William at his weakest moment, on the ground and missing... his right leg.

Now in a wheelchair and on his way home he sees through the window a terrible sight, his wife with another man. He confronts her as words are exchanged and in a fury, he exits leaving the Mizpah on the mailbox.

William convinced that there is no God, turns to violence. He gets into trouble with the law and ultimately is forced into community service. To serve as a janitor for Hope College, a school for autistic sevants students.

Working with the students transforms Will and gives him a new purpose in life. Through an amazing turn of events, he saves the students from a gang of hoodlums intending to steal their instruments and then helps them make a special performance. A television event to raise money so that their school can continue. It is hear William discovers that one of the students is really his son.

The televised event is a success thanks to William, and the school is able to continue to stay open. The students then host a surprise ceremony for William's last day as a janitor at the school. They present him with a gold medal made from tin foil and some ribbon. They tell William that it is for the gold medal that he should have won a long time ago...

We end with William finally living out his dreams through his son as his son begins to wrestle and William becomes head coach.

His true destiny is realized. Not to be a great wrestler but a great father.

Copyright 2006 David Kane
All Rights Reserved