Yvonne Borgogni


YLife is a total mess for extra-chubby and frequently picked on seventeen-year-old BILLY KOWALSKI as he tries to get over his father's death. Not only does he live on the wrong side of town with his Polish grandmother NANA, but he works in a pizza parlor, which adds to his propensity of eating and getting chubbier.

However, Billy has two things going for him: he's a straight-A student and he has a new friend, the optimistic and wheelchair-bound WALLACE JORDAN.

After teaming up with Wallace, Billy's dream of running the New York marathon suddenly becomes reality. Although still teased, bullied, and threatened, things take a turn for the better -- until one afternoon Nana gets stabbed.

Now Billy finds himself in the throes of first love with TARA, a wealthy but shattered girl, as he accepts her offer to help him buy medicine for Nana in return for tutoring her.

He pursues his dream with even greater determination while his friendship with Wallace and Tara grows beyond anyone's expectations.

Months fly by and life looks pretty good. Billy trains, studies, and evolves -- as his clothes get looser, he gets faster -- that is, until things once again turn ugly when Nana dies.

Crushed Billy returns to his old habits and his dreams are about to crumble until Wallace and Tara step in. Now he has to run -- run for his father, run for Nana, and ultimately run for himself.

Copyright 2006 Yvonne Borgogni
All Rights Reserved