Neil Goodchild


Eric Gardner is too smart for his own good. He is avoiding  responsibility by hiding himself at a dead-end, go nowhere job as a machine operator in a factory. Eric's smart-alecky attitude lands him in hot water with his boss, who becomes intrigued by the fact that the young man not only has a college education, but graduated
third in his class earning himself a bachelor's degree in psychology. When confronted with this, Eric's snappy remarks get him in more trouble with his boss and he finds himself on probation with his employer.

Eric is also hiding a dark secret from his past which haunts his dreams: a suicide attempt made during his college days. When a moment of anger leads to Eric quitting the job, he quickly finds himself getting a job as a counselor. A job he is qualified for...
on paper.

To his pleasant surprise, Eric finds that he is an excellent counselor but he soon becomes so obsessed with saving people, he is losing his pregnant girlfriend and straining an already difficult relationship with his parents. When someone close to him dies, Eric realizes that he must counsel himself but finds this to be far more difficult than he imagined. The question becomes will he overcome the tragedy or will he finish what he started so many years ago?

Copyright 2006 Neil Goodchild
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