Michael Raymond


Abilene is simply trying to “get her shit together”—and face her greatest fear: Drive over the same bridge where six months earlier she drove into a lake, killing her 4 year-old daughter Zoe. The accident has defined her in the local community (“I’m a conversation piece”), eliciting sympathy by the many people who like her, yet reviled by others. However, Abilene knows something about the accident that nobody else does and it weighs heavily on her. Eric is a newcomer to town who’s being groomed to take over his uncle Alberto’s statuary business. Eric discovers Abilene’s talent as a Web developer and makes her an offer regarding her daughter’s unpaid and unfinished headstone: Build a new Web site for his uncle’s business. In exchange, Eric will make her a headstone.

Abilene views the project as a potential stepping-stone toward a real job and the chance to start over again. However, Abilene’s new project creates discord at home where her mother relies on Abilene to cook every night and look after her. Eric has his own problems from Alberto’s meddling brothers—Anthony and Victor—who are unhappy that Eric will soon take over the family statuary business. With conflict swirling around both of them, Abilene and Eric reluctantly develop a burgeoning relationship, but pulling forces conspire against them.

Eric ultimately loses the business to Alberto’s conniving brothers and Abilene discovers shocking news that her mother concealed from her about the accident and Zoe’s funeral arrangements. The disclosure is a catalyst for Abilene to bare her soul and reveal the truth about the accident that nobody knows — Abilene’s mother was the driver of the car that killed Zoe—not Abilene. The revelations result in: (1) Abilene finally confronting her mother about the car accident, (2) Eric and Abilene having a heart-rending reconciliation about their relationship, and (3) Abilene facing her greatest fear and finally driving on the bridge over the lake.

Copyright 2006 Michael Raymond
All Rights Reserved