Jack Estes


In 1968, Mike Kelly’s chopper is shot down over the jungles of Vietnam. The crew is dead. Most of his squad is dead and they are surrounded by enemy. Mike makes a life altering decision to leave a wounded Marine behind. Today, Mike is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist with a beautiful wife, Claire and a son, Jake, whom he wants to play college baseball. But the war in Iraq has triggered deep trouble in Mike’s mind. He watches news about the war incessantly. He sees his dead buddies and is haunted by his dark secret. His marriage is in trouble and his son is pulling away from him. Claire wants him to get help for his illness or she will leave. She is against the war in Iraq and Mike supports it. When Jake quits baseball, and joins the Marines with his best friend Griff, and is sent to Iraq, Mike implodes. Claire can’t stand it, is drinking heavily and packs to leave. Jake’s girlfriend Meg’s, is pregnant and Mike is sinking into deep despair. Finally, Mike travels to Iraq as an embedded reporter, thinking he can somehow save his son. Claire meanwhile, becomes involved with Meg’s in the anti-war movement and begins speaking out against the war. Back in Iraq, Mike is trying to reach his son, knowing that his son will not be happy to see him. Mike’s heroic quest ends on another chopper, with Jake, shot down in the desert and surrounded by enemy.

Copyright 2006 Jack Estes
All Rights Reserved