Gerald Jackson, Jr.


GENE MOMBERGER is a disillusioned twenty-something growing up in Clarksville, Florida, a small town in the state’s Gulf Coast. He doesn’t really get along with his father, MATTHEW, his mother, MARY, or his younger brother, LUKE. He spends his time doing drugs, listening to records, and filming projects.

It is announced that MARK, his older brother, would be returning from the Iraq War due to an injury. When he returns, the conflict between both Gene and Mark is apparent.

LUCEF JOHNSON, Gene’s black childhood friend, also returns from New York to take care of his ailing grandmother. Both agree to do things together while he is in town.

Two condominium developers have sights on Gethsemane Beach, a historic outlying district. The citizens of this area are predominantly African-American. A major conflict is created. Also, a large box-store called “Hardware Mart” is coming to the county. Matthew, an owner of the town’s only hardware store is going to be threatened economically.

While hanging out one day, Lucef informs Gene of his homosexuality. Living in a small town, Gene is a bit naive regarding this. Regardless, both still agree to be friends.

Now that he has returned home, Mark decides to meet up with an assortment of his childhood friends. CAIPHAS, one of Mark’s older friends, is a short-tempered local that is known to act without thinking. One day, in a severe intoxication, Caiphas murders JESÚS, the migrant Mexican worker that assists Matthew in his store duties. When Mark confronts Caiphas, he admits his guilt. Soon after, Caiphas is killed in an automobile accident.

As the developers begin to progress in their attempts to purchase the town, the county decides to hold a city council meeting to address this problem. Many vocal residents voice their opinions. Unfortunately, no decision is made regarding the matter.

Later, Mary finds Gene’s stash of drugs. Since he had been warned previously to curtail his use of illegal substances, Matthew decides to kick Gene out of the house.

A hurricane hits the small town, causing mass destruction. Gene, now out of his parent’s home, braves the elements to ensure the safety of his family. During the hurricane, the family discusses their problems head on. Many issues are brought up. Before the conversation is finished, a tree lands on part of the house. The family is not able to totally resolve their problems.

As the film ends, it is learned that the condominium developer no longer wants the land due to the fact that the area is a flood hazard, Gene lives on his own, Mary is slowly putting the family’s life back together, Matthew is running his store with Mark’s assistance, and Luke is now attending college.

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