Michael Raymond


Andrew works at a medical research lab, studying the effects of The Plague, which has nearly decimated the planet’s entire population. Much to the chagrin of Andrew’s wife Fiona, finding a cure to The Plague "is the only thing that matters" to Andrew.

The edict for The Plague reads: "Everyone is a carrier. All natural births result in deformity and insanity. There are no exceptions." To avoid passing the disease on to newborns, by law, all births must be arranged via the government-run artificial insemination program. Noncompliance with the government mandate is strictly and brutally enforced by Orion Security. People who have "illegal" pregnancies live in exile across the river at The Domain -- a sprawling and lawless shantytown that is the epitome of disease and squalor run amok.

During a medical seminar, Andrew encounters a militant activist named Marcus, who claims "there ARE exceptions" to The Plague -- at The Domain. Marcus challenges Andrew that if he really wants to find a cure, he must cross the river to The Domain where he might be able to find a disease-free person. It is a daunting and dangerous proposition because travel to The Domain is strictly forbidden and prevented by armed checkpoints.

Everything changes when Fiona announces she’s pregnant with a naturally-conceived ("illegal") fetus, and Andrew makes an astounding discovery: Fiona’s unborn fetus is completely healthy and not a carrier. But it quickly becomes apparent that the government will do everything in its power to keep the public from ever finding out.

Fiona’s condition triggers a security alert, making her a fugitive and the subject of an intense manhunt by Orion Security, who won’t ever stop searching for her until she’s apprehended -- dead or alive.

Fiona hides from public view while Andrew makes a perilous journey to The Domain where he confronts horrific and death-defying obstacles. He enlists the aid of Marcus, who wants to to further his own hidden agenda. Andrew and Marcus are at cross-purposes until Andrew discovers a government conspiracy regarding the artificial insemination program, and Fiona is seized and taken to Orion Sanatorium --"the house of horrors" -- where even more gruesome discoveries await.

Andrew and Marcus reconcile their philosophical differences and join forces, leading to a terrifying rescue attempt of Fiona at Orion Sanatorium, Andrew coming to terms with his previously unknown genetic makeup, and Andrew and Marcus taking part in one final and climactic life-and-death struggle with Orion Security.

Copyright 2005 Michael Raymond
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