Emil Valencia


Lou Turner, a 20 something, attractive young woman, recently arrived in New York City and completely intimidated by the fact that she doesnít quite fit in, has a job as a production assistant at Global Television News. Goaded by her best friend she accepts an invitation that had been mistakenly text messaged to her inviting her out on a blind date. Believing that she will never see her blind date again Lou pretends to be Rebecca, the person for whom the invitation was really intended, and meets Nathan Merit, a handsome thirtyish successful creative director at a large advertising agency and accomplished artist.

Unknown to Lou, Nathan is already involved with gallery owner and art patroness, Katherine Dupre, who has been relentlessly pressuring him to marry her. Plagued by doubt, Nathan had asked Rebecca out on the prodding of his assistant and friend, Larry Echeveria, as a way of helping Nathan decide whether or not to get married.

Nathan ardently pursues Lou who desperately tries to brush him off. However, after a series of dates, Nathan and Lou fall in love. Lou realizes that, she must reveal her real identity to Nathan even though she risks loosing him.

Nathan, on the other hand, tries to break up with Katherine. Katherine however, will hear none of it and lays a huge guilt trip on Nathan to keep him from breaking up with her.

Out of a sense of honor, Nathan decides to break up with Lou, but hopes that they can still remain friends. Lou rejects his offer of friendship and breaks off with him altogether. Nathan frantically apologizes, but his reconciliation with Lou is short lived when Katherine calls him on his cell phone, angry that he had been seen with another woman. Nathan rushes away to placate his enraged girl friend.

Equally enraged, Lou refuses to take any calls from Nathan. In desperation, Nathan stakes out Louís apartment. Lou arrives home to see Nathan begging a tow truck driver not to take his car away. Lou forgives Nathan after she learns that he had been illegally parked in front of her apartment for more than six hours.

Lou is given the assignment of covering the premier of Nathan's art exhibit. Realizing that she risks being found out, Lou visits Nathanís office incognito in an attempt to hijack Rebeccaís invitation.

Failing to get the invitation, Lou covers Nathan's opening in disguise. Unfortunately she is unmasked when the real Rebecca is introduced to Nathan. Simmering resentments that had been boiling just below the surface finally explode in a wild melee between Nathan, Katherine, Lou and others. In the aftermath of the riot, Lou looses her job at Global Television.

To save her relationship Lou corners Nathan, who had been avoiding her, to explain her side of the story. She arranges for them to meet at the Coney Island Ferris wheel but arrives an hour late. She finds the park practically deserted and the Ferris wheel dark. Her dismay turns to sheer joy when Nathan announces his presence by lighting up the Ferris Wheel. Once reconciled Nathan surprises when takes his cell phone and hurls it as far as he can. When she asks him for an explanation, he simply replies that "Now we're talking".

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