Romeo Ciolfi

Two years after the passing of their daughter, a troubled minister, Darren Yates and his wife Kim move to New York in hopes of saving their struggling marriage. Kimís guilt runs deep as she feels responsible for their daughterís death while Darren is unable to let go of a childhood tragedy in which most of his family perished in a fire. At odds with each other, the church and God, their faith is further tested in New York when they encounter individuals whose lives echo the very wounds they are trying to leave behind.

Esther Monroe is a 40-something real estate agent who is suffering a string of bad luck, unable to sell a home. Abandoned most of her life, young Esther was shoved from foster home to foster home. She is about to lose her job, unable to make payments on her own house and is involved in an abusive on-again, off-again relationship with her ex Jack.

Brad Hamilton is an insecure actor who will do practically anything for a good part. On the verge of landing a great role, the part he does not want to play is that of being the son to his mentally unstable mother and his aloof father. Both hold him responsible for an accident involving his little sister that has haunted Brad for years.

Nolan Radford is a teacher, who canít stop re-living the past year of his life. A senseless crime has torn apart his family leaving his 10 year old daughter Vanessa in a coma and his wife Wendy unable to cope. She has fled and contacts Nolan only by cell, always leaving messages.

These desperate lives culminate to a fiery conclusion where Darren finds himself facing his inner doubts and demons; where at last, his wife allows him to reach out to her in a way he wasnít able to before. Speaking from his broken heart and into the hearts of those whose lives have been shattered but not taken, he tells his congregation: ďSome places we find hard to leave, we get comfortable. In other places, no matter how much we look, answers donít live. Leave it at that. Move on.Ē

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