Morris E. Clark and Rhonda Ermel

Six-year-old Sara prays for her brother’s happiness. Twenty years later that prayer is answered. Sara’s brother Dean finds his soul-mate, Veronica Davis. With the help of quirky friends and a loving family everything is fairy tale perfect. Until on the afternoon Dean plans to pop the big question, Veronica is killed in a freak accident. With Dean’s world shattered, an unlikely friendship evolves between Dean and Professor Gerald Stanton, world-renowned scientist, from the local university. A good-hearted man, whose only child, Lizbeth, died several years earlier in a senseless car accident. Consumed with her death, the Professor hides his memories with sarcasm and martinis.

With the help of Professor Stanton’s crash course in lucid dreams, Dean learns the woman of his dreams has had a reoccurring role in his ongoing nightmares. Professor Stanton holds and ominous secret; his lucid dream research is a precursor for a covert military operation, a time machine, which is controlled by thought. The rub. The only one to attempt a time travel didn’t make it back alive. Clearly, Dean alone, for better or worse, knows he’s the key to Veronica’s future. With the bond between Dean and the Professor growing stronger by the day, Professor Stanton has no intentions of allowing Dean to trade his life for anyone. Including the love of his life, his daughter Lizbeth. Dean has other ideas.

Dean resolves to travel back in time, several years, in an attempt to save Lizbeth, knowing full well Veronica will have no idea who he is. Keep in mind the quirky sister, Sara, who adores her brother and her want-to-be-boyfriend, Dale, who won’t take no for an answer. Throw into the mix, a by the book thirty-five year career soldier, Margaret. Who secretly loves the Professor and his daughter, Lizbeth…

… And so on an October night, in the middle of a crazy storm, Veronica Davis opens her door to find a man, crumpled on her porch, shivering, weathered, bloodied… Dean Hill, a complete stranger…

Copyright 2005 Morris E. Clark and Rhonda Ermel
All Rights Reserved