Larry Williams


The world as we knew it ended, not with the bang that most had feared but with an almost indiscernible whimper. Now, a handful of human “leftovers” have gathered in Hollywood, California to live out the remainder of their lives among all of the treasures
and technology of the past.

Evan Frost (40) and Elena Padilla (28) have settled together into an existence that is almost “normal.” They live in a grand estate on Mulholland Drive. Elena is eight months pregnant with their child. With them are: Booker Hill (16), a young black man with a
genius IQ, Katie (4) and Angelina Suarez (60) a refuge from Mexico. They are among only 15 humans who have found their way into the area. By all accounts, fewer
than 1,000 people remain in the world following a mysterious apocalyptic event that occurred three years earlier.

As the humans go on with their lives, new predators emerge to challenge the survivor’s title as dominant species. From their initial deadly encounter with two
African lions at the Museum of Natural History, the survivors soon learn that hundreds of lions have been breeding and have established residence in the Los
Angeles area. So begins the cat and mouse game of survival.

To add to the dilemma, while the lions wreck their bloody havoc among the survivors, the humans learn that they also have more than one killer among them of the two-legged kind. Lonnie Wilkins (33) returns after a two-year exile. With him, Lonnie brings
another survivor, Mary Hardesty (18). Lonnie soon attempts to claim Elena as his own by feeding Evan and Booker to the lions. During a hair-raising encounter
with the lions at the estate, Lonnie is killed. That event becomes a catalyst to force the survivors to realize that with their limited numbers, they cannot
create a viable population and remain the dominant species.

With the help of a beautiful Creole girl, Coralie Leger (17) a plan is quickly forged to commandeer a boat and flee to Hawaii where another 28 survivors also live. With the lions hot on their heels, the remaining humans set sail to a new life. However, as the voyage unfolds, Booker discovers that one of the survivors is a serial killer, intent upon preying on “fresh meat” in their new home in paradise.

Bio: After years of procrastination, Larry finally decided about four years ago to pursue his desire to be a screenwriter. Once the process was in motion, there
was no turning back. With an absence in San Jose, California, of available feedback from other screenwriters, Larry helped found the Silicon Valley Screenwriter’s Association, now affiliated with the American Screenwriters Association. With input from other screenwriters, seminars, and contests Larry steadily honed his craft. Along the way, he created a body of work of eleven scripts in various genres.

A product of Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, Larry grew up around movies and the film industry. His first job as a kid was hauling film cans to the projection room of a local theater in exchange for free admittance. Later, after spending three years in the U.S. Army, and a year in Vietnam, Larry became a history major, and attended Pierce College and California State University, Northridge.

Today, Larry lives in Sparks, Nevada. He’s a Security Consultant with a California-based company. He divides his time between work, screenwriting, and exploring Northern Nevada. Divorced with no children, Larry’s great passion continues to be movies.

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